Confederate: Why HBO is wrong to even consider this Series. WTF?

HBO has just announced a new series by the same guys who gave us Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. It took exactly ten seconds from me to go from “What the Fuck,” to “Are you fucking kidding me.” I mean with everything that’s going on in “Trump’s ‘Merica,” some douchenozzle at HBO HQ sat on his over privileged ass and decided that NOW would be a good time to add fuel to the fire.
As a dark skinned individual, I was truly amazed during the weeks following Obama’s election when all of the major news outlets ran and re-ran stories questioning or even worse, declaring that racism was over in America. These stories we usually anchored by Caucasian news fold or when they bothered to add some color, they sent some of the whitest black folk on the planet to ask “the tough” questions. I’m sorry but if I can’t tell if you are black or white from across the street, you are not black. You may be African American, but you are most definitely NOT Black.
So up until this point, we have cops shooting blacks with impunity only to be slightly inconvenienced by months or even years of paid administrative leave, a few weeks in court and a multi-million-dollar settlement paid by the very same people whose sense of security was destroyed by a few bullets in the back.
We have an environment where whites are more and more comfortable with complete and utter disregard to those they at least once had the decency to pretend that they were ok, with.
Next, comes the online environment where people are harassed and threatened with complete abandonment because the laws protect the free speech and privacy or some prick hiding behind a computer more than it does the actual danger of that same little prick threatening to rape and kill girls thousands of miles away for no other reason than she said something negative about his favorite video game.
I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Why the fuck does HBO we need to spend money on the production of something that is sure to exacerbate an already fucked up situation? What fucking cave had Benioff and Weiss been living in where they came up with an idea that is going to empower even more racist assholes to call me nigger to my face knowing that if I retaliate in any way that it will be my black ass being hauled away in the back of the squad?
This is a dumb fucking idea and you know it. HBO, Benioff & Weiss should stick to Dragons and white people killing each other over land that wasn’t theirs, to begin with. In other words, stick to something you know about. I personally don’t want to see this. We had Roots back in the seventies, but that was told by a black man who’s story it was to tell. You don’t get to tell this story just because you have millions of dollars and can hire a few black historians.

And yes, this is a black thing, but it’s also about human decency and respect for what was a very bad time for us. People are being treated like animals and you want to make a movie and a few million dollars from it. Maybe next you could come up with a movie about how it’s ok, to rape girls as long as you get them good and drunk and drag them outside behind a dumpster, or even better how about a movie where 16-year-old entitled little pricks get away with murdering four people because “He didn’t know any better.” Or maybe just, fuck you.


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