Would a little courtesy kill you?

Over the years as I have grown older, I admit that the words “some people are assholes” have escaped my lips on occasion. OK, more than on occasion but thats only because the number of people that I have met over the years keeps increasing which also means that the number of them who happen to be assholes increases as well. For the accompanying facts, I submit that asshole alternatives may be substituted as you prefer. You may in fact substitute asshole for optional words such as, douchebag, dickhead, dumbfuck, asswipe, etc. The boiling down of such substitutions is merely a personal preference and as such in no way changes the original descriptor as they are often completely interchangeable and complementary.

I am sure that there is a “Moore’s Law” of sorts somewhere that exemplifies my asshole theory in practice but if there isn’t, there should be. In case there isn’t one, I submit for your approval the following law aptly named “Vincent’s Law.”

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